Why keep a Pilot Logbook?

A Pilot Logbook is a record of a pilot’s flying hours. It contains every flight a pilot has flown, including flight time, number of landings, and types of instrument approaches made. Pilots also log simulator time, as it counts towards training. Pilots are often required to show proof of their aviation experience when applying for a new Pilot Job. The flight isn’t over until you’ve done the paperwork! Keeping a logbook isn’t just a fun way to record your experiences and aerial memories – it’s a regulatory requirement. 

Regulations, why log your hours?

In most countries, pilots are required to maintain a logbook, per their government’s aviation regulations. The primary purpose is to show that certain requirements have been met for a certificate or rating, and for currency purposes. At a minimum pilots are required to log the flight numbers, date, total time, locations of takeoff and landing, and pilot in command, etc

How do I fill out my Pilot Logbook?

Great Advice from “Captain” Joe

Personal Logbook Entries

Pilots keep a log of their hours for personal reasons. Pilots log special moments, memorable flights, difficult decisions made, or aircraft troubles. The pilot logbook is a personal document, it is a memento of a long successful career upon retirement. Traditionally Pilot’s would carry their logbooks with them and fill them out after each flight, in today’s digital age pilots are now shifting to electronic logbooks. one of the most popular Pilot Logbook apps is the ForeFlight app by Boeing, this app makes it easy for pilots to log and share flights, track hours, review currency, record certificates and ratings, receive electronic instructor endorsements, and generate experience reports.

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