The Passenger Flight Log Book is a hard-cover log book for keeping track of passenger flights. There are columns for entering date, airline, flight number, aircraft type, aircraft registration, from, to, distance, flying time, and large spaces for remarks (often filled in by the flight crew). There are separate pages for recording aircraft types flown in, and airports landed at.

Q. Do you know how many airports there are in The United States of America?
A. While the number of public use airports in the United States has fallen since 1990, the number of private use airports has increased in recent years. In 2018, there were 5,087 public airports in the U.S., a slight decrease from the 5,145 public airports operating in 2014. Conversely, the number of private airports increased over this period from 13,863 to 14,549.

Everyday in America there are more than 44,000 flights and 2.7 million airline passengers in the air, that a lot of people!

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There is a page of conversion factors relating to aviation. There’s even another page giving the aircraft registration codes assigned to all the countries of the world, so you can see where other aircraft come from.

American registered Airplanes have an N- registration. You can search for American Airplane Registrations numbers here.

Use this children’s flight log book to record years of flying memories for yourself or your children in this unique log book.