The Passenger Flight Logbook is a great gift for:

  1. Your children, whether you travel once a year or if you travel a lot.
  2. Your niece or nephew, or friends children who have it all. (we also personalize too! Ie. Love Grandma & Grandpa)
  3. As a grandparent, maybe they will come visit you more often ❤️
  4. People living overseas, because it’s not bulky and is super thoughtful.
  6. Not just for Children, have a friend who loves to travel…?

Why use a Children’s Flight Log Book to preserve your travel memories?

We have friends who’s children have been in the flight deck of more airlines than most adults. EACH AND EVERY time they give their logbook to the flight attendants, the pilot has asked to meet the passengers (Kids) so they can have a tour of the cockpit. They write little notes, give stickers and postcards and fill out all the flight details of their trip on the airplane. Life is about experiences, what better way to preserve those memories than in a Children’s Flight Log Book

P.K. Subban with a very happy passenger in the Montreal Airport (CYUL) PK Subban signed his Passenger Flight Log Book.

Why one customer was thrilled to have their Children’s Flight Log book…

When you travel with the Passenger Flight Log Book you also have a special keepsake with you should you run into someone famous, one customer got their books signed by P. K. Subban, a professional Canadian Hockey player. His parents were certainly happy they had their Children’s Flight Log Book that day!

Many parents don’t realize that most Pilots and flight crews are delighted to offer children a personalized experience aboard their airplane.

The aviation industry is all consuming, we love telling people how great it is! Come up and visit your pilots in the flight deck so they can record the details of your flight.

It’s very easy and best of all, it’s free!

Note: please provide your logbook to the pilots when you board the airplane so as to not delay your flight crew upon landing if they have another flight to go to operate. You also have a better chance to meet the pilots too!